Couples Therapy
You're a great couple, but some issues just keep coming up.  You remember when you were a phenomenal couple and you want to get back there.  You long for that feeling of closeness you once had.  We can have real conversations and help you and your partner find your way back. 
You have people around you, yet you feel alone .  Asking yourself questions like, "Why not me?" leads to a spiral of self judgement.  You want to feel alive and thrive... and you can.  We can talk and plan, tear down barriers and build a dream you can achieve.  Shift into thrive. 
Not Having Children
So much of society seems family focused.  It feels like everyone else has children, where does that leave you?  Part of you wants children, but your not sure.... or you have always wanted  children but it just doesn't seem to be happening.  You feel like time is running out but you don't know exactly when that is.  You feel like you need to get this figured out.  We can have meaningful conversations that can help shed light on what moving forward can look like for you. 
Life Transitions
When you are not sure what life will look like, change can be scary.  There are natural times for transitions in people's lives and times that transitions are thrust upon us.  I  will help you gain a deeper understanding of the struggle and find the answers you need to embrace this new time in your life.  Build your life how you want it to be.
Personal Development
You are satisfied with life, but there could be more.  You're alive but you yearn to thrive.  This is a fantastic time to be in charge, take a look at where you are at in life and how you would like to grow as a person.  Our conversations can be fun and creative while completely real and practical.  Map out the next stage in your life. 
Grief and Loss
You find yourself having conversations with the one you're missing.  Sometimes it feels like you're waiting for them to walk through the door. You worry that therapy means getting over them, maybe forgetting them and that is not want you want.  It doesn't mean that.   Together we can look at how your loss becomes part of who you are moving forward .  Whether your loss was sudden or expected, I can help.

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